Sleep Dealer screening with director Alex Rivera

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“Why invent a dystopic future for my movie when I could imitate a dystopic present?”

Main Event:  Please join us for a screening of Sleep Dealer (Spanish with English subtitles) with its director Alex Rivera.  (Get event flyer.)

When:  Monday, February 8, 6:30-9pm

Where: 2205 Haring Hall


  • 6:30-6:45: Introduction to Alex Rivera and his presentation of his film, Sleep Dealer
  • 6:45-8:15: Screening of Sleep Dealer (in Spanish with English subtitles)
  • 8:15-8:45: Post-screening Q&A with Alex Rivera

Follow-on Event: “Developing World Subjectivities and Sensibilities in a New Kind of Sci-Fi Film and Digital Media Art”

  • Will include screening of Alex Rivera’s earlier digital media art works and open discussion.

When: Tuesday, February 9, 12-1:30pm

Where: 194 Young Hall

poster-super-compressedSleep Dealer (2008)

Sleep Dealer is Rivera’s first full-length feature film in which, through a captivating narrative, he presents his dystopian – utopian to some – extrapolation of current social, economic and political trends towards the near future with the U.S.-Mexico borderlands serving as a co-protagonist alongside its cybermigrants.  Sleep Dealer won two Sundance awards and the Amnesty International Film Prize in 2008.  The film is the culmination of over a decade of digital media works in which Alex analyzes immigration-related phenomena, such as transnationalism, and exposes and extrapolates the problematics of current nation-state ideologies and policies relative to Latin American labor migrations to the U.S.

  • Click here for trailer in English.
  • Click here for trailer in Spanish.
  • Click here for trailer in English and Spanish.
  • Click here for trailer in Spanish; includes cast interviews.

Alex Rivera

Alex Rivera is a New York based digital media artist and filmmaker.  His first feature film, Sleep Dealerpremiered at Sundance 2008, and won two awards, including the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award.  Rivera is a Sundance Fellow and a Rockefeller Fellow.  His work, which addresses concerns of the Latino community through a language of humor, satire, and metaphor, has also been screened at The Berlin International Film Festival, New Directors/New Films, The Guggenheim Museum, PBS, Telluride, and other international venues.

For Alex’ résumé, click here.

Short Synopsissleep_dealer-compressed1

Mexico. The near future. Memo Cruz has always dreamed of leaving his tiny village and heading north.   But when he is ultimately forced to leave, Memo finds a future so bizarre – border walls, shantytowns, hi-tech factories, remote control drones and aqua-terrorists – that it looks a lot like today.

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This event is cosponsored by the Estudios Culturales en las Américas Research Supercluster, the Spanish & Portuguese Department, Technocultural Studies, Film Studies, the Environmental Humanities Research Supercluster and the English Department.

For more information regarding this event, contact Arturo Vargas.

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